Esri is sponsoring an internal developer hackathon. Tell us what the Science of Where™ means to you through your project solution. This hackathon is open to Esri employees, distributors, and partners.

This is an opportunity for you to put together a project team and bring to life your ideas utilizing ArcGIS APIs and SDKs. Present a solution that will help new and existing enterprise developers solve real-world problems they are facing everyday by using ArcGIS and the Science of Where™. The solution should illustrate how effective it is to use maps, location, and different parts of the ArcGIS platform to solve a problem. Show us what makes ArcGIS technology great.

It’s not just about building fancy desktop or mobile apps, it’s about showing how to use our platform in a simple, clear way to solve real-world problems. We want your app to help sell the platform! Ultimately, we would like to use the app you create as showcase/model apps on Esri labs, Esri open source, outreach, demos, and sample projects to help customers.

Hack the Map is not just for developers: we find the best projects are made up of diverse teams representing data science, cartography, design, user experience, business, marketing, as well as development.


Open to employees of Esri, Esri International Distributors, and Esri partners.

Esri employees are required to have their manager’s approval to participate. There are specific charge codes for this event.

Participants must be able to appear in-person at Esri headquarters, an Esri R&D center, or via Skype. There is no travel for this event. Participants are expected to work from their regular office.

Participants can form teams of up to 6 individuals.

Teams must declare participation by the Team Entry Deadline (Friday, January 10, 2020, at 11:00 AM PST) with a project entry in Devpost submitted to this hackathon. All final projects are due in Devpost by 2:00 PM PST (22:00 GMT) Monday, January 13, 2020.


All projects submitted must use the ArcGIS platform APIs in some way. Projects submitted that do not use ArcGIS developer technology are not eligible for judging and prizes.

Your complete Devpost project must be submitted to Hack the Map 4 hackathon on or before the submission deadline. All submissions must include: title, project thumbnail image, elevator pitch (short description), technology used, link to public github repository, all contributing team members, project description, screenshots. Video is optional unless it is the means to present your project for the final presentation.

All code must be made available in a public Github repository and available for the judges and event organizers to access.

The submitted solution must build and run in a standalone app on a Linux, PC, or Mac computer, mobile device, or in a simulator running on a PC or Mac computer.

All submissions must use only publicly released APIs, SDKs, software, and services. Since the submissions are made to public github repositories, and our ultimate goal is to show your project off on a public facing website, we cannot accept submissions that use proprietary or internally available non-public components. Beta software is OK to use as long as members of the public can get access to it.

All submitting teams must be able to perform a 5-minute presentation of their solution. Teams may present in-person, via videoconference, or by submitting a video of their presentation. When presenting in-person at least one team representative must be on site during the presentation period at the specific time requested. When presenting via video conference at least one team representative must be online during the presentation period at the specific time requested. When submitting a video the video must be submitted with the project by the submission deadline.

If additional hardware is required it is the team's responsibility to make it available to the judges during the judging period.

If you are an Esri employee, Esri maintains full rights to the resulting project and maintains the right to continue further development of the idea.

If you are an Esri employee, Esri maintains ownership of all code, designs, and all components of each project submission worked on as part of this event.

Esri will have the right to include the project on its website, marketing material, outreach opportunities, or other method.

Hackathon Sponsors


$225 in prizes

Overall winner

Prize to the overall winning team, a $25.00 Amazon gift card for each team member (up to 6.) Winning team also holds the Hack the Map trophy with custom engraving for 1 year

1st Place - Consumer

First place winner in the consumer category. Choose one item from Esri swag.

1st Place - Enterprise

First place winner in the enterprise category. Choose one item from Esri swag.

1st Place - Civic

First place winner in the civic category. Choose one item from Esri swag.

2nd Place - Consumer

Second place winner in the consumer category. Choose one item from Esri swag.

2nd Place - Enterprise

Second place winner in the enterprise category. Choose one item from Esri swag.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Jim Herries

Jim Herries
Principal Product Engineer, Cartography / Esri

Jim McKinney

Jim McKinney
CTO of Desktop Development, retired dodgeball champion, current referee / Esri

Clint Brown

Clint Brown
Director of Product Engineering / Esri

Dawn Wright

Dawn Wright
Chief Scientist, Oceanographer, Geographer, Lego enthusiast / Esri

Judging Criteria

  • Applicability
    Applies to category: Enterprise, Civic, or Consumer. Applies to event theme: leverages The Science of Where.
  • Usefulness
    Real world applicability and usefulness (as it applies to its intended category).
  • ArcGIS Integration
    Application of ArcGIS technology and utilization of ArcGIS APIs and SDKs.
  • Design
    User experience and design, including the map’s effectiveness.
  • Submission Quality
    How well the project adheres to the submission guidelines and the overall presentable quality of the project, completeness of the solution, project components. Project quality based on clear architecture and code organization of the solution.
  • Presentation
    Quality of the final presentation. How well the product is represented and its purpose and usefulness conveyed through the presentation.

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